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Renee Richardson Gosline

A Leadership Issue: Applying Branding Principles to Combat Unconscious Bias.

How does one become an effective leader in a diverse world? Working with various groups is not merely a “diversity” issue; it is a key success factor for all organizations and the leaders who steer them. Dr. Renee Richardson Gosline will help us toward a better understanding of how the decisions we make as leaders are affected by labels and their associations, and how that understanding can in turn make leaders more mindful of diversity – to build inclusive environments and maximize performance. On one hand, labels and their associations allow us to make more efficient decisions in the “blink of an eye,” serving as rules of thumb in the face of limited information and overwhelming options. However, these cognitive shortcuts and associations are also subject to biases, of which even the most “rational” leaders must beware.  Professor Gosline’s talk will identify strategies that  can help leaders make authentic connections with varied audiences.  She will apply her background in social science to the goals of diversity and inclusiveness in leadership. She will help us explore how each of us can take a mindful approach to advancing a respectful and caring community that empowers everyone to fulfill his or her potential. Gosline will use principles from behavioral science, particularly "rational" judgment and decision-making, and  discuss cases from social media, politics and business.


Renée  Richardson Gosline is the Zenon Zannetos 1955 Career Development Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Management Science group at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Professor Gosline’s research has been featured in academic journals, books, and trade and popular press.  Prior to academia, Professor Gosline was a Marketing practitioner at LVMH Moet Hennessy and Leo Burnett.